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Just before Thanksgiving I went on a special adventure to visit Santa! Now I know what you’re thinking, visiting Santa before Thanksgiving? But hey….

A Very Merry Christmas

…no lines! And when you have your little baby sister with you, no lines is a good thing!

A Very Merry Christmas

That’s right, this was Baby P’s first time visiting with Santa. And you know I taught her well when the first thing she did was to tug on Santa’s beard to make sure it was real. You can never be too careful these days!

A Very Merry Christmas

And if you’re thinking I let Baby P have all the fun, you would be mistaken. I NEVER pass up the opportunity to tell a jolly man in a red suit EXACTLY what I want for Christmas!

A Very Merry Christmas

Next year Baby P and I need to work on our smiles. (It’s always hard to concentrate on picture taking when you’re trying to remember your Christmas wish list). We’ll get there.

It was fun to actually have a buddy to visit Santa with this year, after all, for the past 8 years I’ve been doing it solo. Santa is always more fun with friends!

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