The Canadian Pointer, a breed of gundog has a well muscled body and a short coarse coat. Despite the name, this breed that belongs to the HPR (hunting, pointing and retrieving) group was actually developed in United States and not in Canada. During the 1880s, English Pointers, Portuguese Pointers and Labrador Retrievers were crossed resulting to the development of a dog breed utilized to hunt, to point and to retrieve rabbits, foxes and other upland small game.

This breed of pointer is about 30 inches tall and weighs from 48 to 60 pounds. The Canadian Pointer has inherited the physical features of its progenitor thus this breed that is also known as Adirondak Pointer is at times erroneously called English Pointer. A discerning eye though would see that this breed has shorter ears and a thicker coat. This breed hunts in mountains with very cold temperatures and the thick coat serves as protection. A Canadian Pointer can have a light brown and white, a black and white or a dark brown and white coat color.

Although the Canadian Pointer was specifically developed to be a hunter, this dog breed does not have the agility of other HPR breeds. This is due to the fact that a Canadian Pointer’s front and hind quarters give this breed a narrower stance. Owners of Canadian P

Canadian Pointer photo

Photo by LipBomb

ointers can expect to have the pet for about 15 years as this is a fairly healthy breed.

Unlike other hunting breeds, a Canadian Pointer has an even temperament. This breed has the innate eagerness to please seen in dog breeds primarily developed to be home companions. House breaking and obedience training will be a breeze as Canadian Pointers are intelligent, obedient and have the desire to please its human family. Aside from the ease of housebreaking, this dog easily learns tricks as well. Another plus factor in opting to have this dog for a pet is its low maintenance requirements.

Being a hunter, a Canadian Pointer has a keen sense of smell. Canadian Pointers are even tempered dogs but they can be depended on to protect their human family. The dog may appear indolent and calm but once danger to the family is perceived, the dog will be alert instantly. This dog is accustomed to outdoor life but it can easily adapt to the placid life of a home companion especially in a family with children. A Canadian Pointer would be a good choice for a home companion as aside from being well mannered, the dog is also gentle with the kids.

Learning about the Canadian Pointer is fun. More information about this beautiful dog breed, its appearance, personality, care and history can be found at Sarah’s Dogs.
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