Now that you have finally brought home your new four-legged friend, there is one thing that you must never take for granted – that is maltese dog training. Through training, your pet gets to learn behaviors deemed by his owner as desirable or correct hence making him a joy to be around. But even if training is essential, there are owners who were unable to get it done correctly for some reasons. Therefore in the hopes of providing proper training, some are asking or hiring dog experts to do the job on their behalf. Professional or experienced dog trainer can be very costly though. But why create a hole in your pocket if you have other options like training on your own?

Training on your own could be as effective as hiring dog experts provided you’re perfectly aware of the training techniques and ideas that work best. Besides that, getting the best equipment can also help make things easy both for you and your pet. As these training equipment are available in different types and design, it’s important that you know what to get and when to get it to maximize the maltese dog training equipment.

Some of the equipment you need to get even before you take home your new pet are collar, leash and crate. You’d need these stuff when transporting him from the breeder or shelter to your home. Collars are available in different types; buckle or flat collars, break-away collars, safety stretch collars and stud collars are considered basic collars while slip collars, prong collars and martingale are often used during training. A basic collar can be used when carrying out common activities like walking or visiting the vet.

Similar to the collar, the leash comes in a variety of types too; standard, retractable, adjustable and martingale. For basic training and daily use, the standard leash is the best bet. Retractable leash on the other hand is best if you want to allow your dog to wander away from you without letting him off leash.

Another tool that is essential not only when transporting your new pet but also in keeping him safe particularly when he is left alone at home is the crate. A dog crate, an enclosure with a door, could be made of metal, plastic, wire or fabric. It comes in a variety of sizes and designs too. In addition, the crate may also be used during potty training and obedience training. When purchasing a crate for your adorable maltese, select the one that meets your pet’s needs rightly. It shouldn’t be too small to limit your pet’s movement but not too large for it could possibly prompt him to urinate or defecate on one side and seek comfort on the opposite side. But taking into consideration how small this breed is, the one you will be buying for the puppy can still be used once he grows up into an adult. There are crates with divider panels too.

The leash, collar and crate aren’t the only tools necessary to help accomplish effective maltese dog training. If you research about it, for certain you will learn more.

Clare Rosewood has been creating maltese dog training articles for many years. Check out her site for more information about maltese dog training.


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