The Best Guard Dogs – How To Care For Them

If you are like most people, you want to feel safe and protected in your own home. Some of us will go to the extent of getting the best guard dogs that has been trained to protect people. In most cases a loud back from a dog is enough to ...
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Tito the Dogo Argentino Escapes Abuse and Horrendous Neglect at Mechanic’s Shop

Walking into a mechanic’s shop, you’d expect the usual aromas of motor oil and exhaust, but veterinarian Dr. Marvin “Moose” Baynes detected a different scent when the Guardians of Rescue (GOR) arrived to save Tito, a 7-year-old Dogo Argentino. “I could smell his ears before I visually saw him,” Moose tells Dogster. Sitting ...
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Watch Trick, Stripe, and Mia Run the Agility Course at Westminster

The excitement is building in New York, with the Westminster Kennel Club show well underway. In agility, handlers guided their dogs through a timed course of tunnels, ramps, weave poles, and other obstacles. The grand champion of the event was Trick, a Border Collie, owned and handled by John Nys ...
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No More Doggie Junk Food: These Treats Are Functional and Appealing

Editor’s note: Have you seen the Dogster print magazine in stores? Or in the waiting room of your vet’s office? This article appeared in our February-March issue. Subscribe to Dogster and get the bimonthly magazine delivered to your home. Have you ever opened a package of your dog’s treats and thought, ...
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Why I Believe In an Open Adoption — Not the Perfection Some Dog Rescue Groups Require

Adoption policies of rescue groups typically fall into one of two camps: The rescue does everything in its power to make sure each animal goes to the perfect family, even if that means a lengthy delay in getting a dog into a forever home. The rescue believes that perfection is not necessary for ...
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Dog laws pros and cons

California has now made it legal for people to break car windows in order to break a dog out of a hot car. “As of August 2016, Vermont joined forces with Tennessee, Florida, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Ohio in passing laws to protect good Samaritans who assist dogs locked in hot cars.” Palm ...
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The Promised Land on a Horse with No Name

500 women over the age of 50 on the monterey bay peninsula are experiencing what I have as well as people across the country have been writing to me telling me their stories. Cici and I are overwhelmed with gratitude for the people who have sent me kind words, donations and ...
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November 2016 Monthly Dog Recap

November has been a total blast with lots of outdoor fun as we got into the swing of my favorite time of year, fall! It’s the perfect time for hikes and adventures. Before we get to my adventures though, let me give a shoutout to my special sponsors & affiliates! Thanks ...
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Holiday Gift Guides for Dog Lovers

If you’re like me, then you struggle as what to get your human(s) that you love so dearly. So I decided to help you out some with my holiday gift guide for dog lovers! (you can thank me later). *some of the products below contain affiliate links 1. Belly Scratch T-Shirt ...
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