Norrbottenspets is a spitz type breed that was developed during the early 1600s. The Norrbottenspets was also given the name Nordic Spitz and Pohjanpystykorva in the country where it has originated. This ancient breed was honored by being named as the national dog of Sweden. Highly valued for its great endurance, this breed was claimed by Sweden and Finland as their own. The dog is quite small in stature but it has a well muscled compact body.

Close fitting soft and very thick fur covers the dog’s square shaped body. Beautiful white fur with red and brown markings protects the dog from extremely hot and cold temperatures. The bushy tail that is loosely curled over the dog’s back is an appendage that enhances the dog’s striking appearance.

This dog breed was purposely developed to be an all around farm dog but it has evolved into an outstanding hunting dog as well. In spite of the small size, the dog is acclaimed for being an outstanding hunter because of its extraordinary courage and cunning hunting abilities. Honing the inbred hunting instinct of the dog is easy as its intelligence and the desire to please its people enables the dog to adapt well to training .

A Norrbottenspets is both a sight and scent hunter unlike other breeds of hounds that are either scent or sight hunters. This dog is described as foxy not because of a fox-like appearance but because of a cunning personality that is manifested when hunting. As soon as the dog is released in the hunting area, it will use it senses to flush and chase the game. Rapid barking is not only a sign that a game is found but also masks the sound made by the approaching hunter.

This small dogs is noted for its big personality. This breed would make a suitable choice for mature people wanting to have a pet that will provide them with companionship and security. The dog’s vivaciousness, as well as the energetic and playful personality are qualities that enable the dog to form a strong bond with the human family. These characteristic traits allow the dog to participate in all the activities of the family.

The dog’s gentleness with children is legendary thus the breed was included in the list of top 10 dog breeds noted for gentleness with the children. Loving and kind, a Norrbottenspets will exhibit a stable temperament in any situation. Most dogs will react aggressively if teased or pestered by children but not this breed . This dog is fairly healthy and would give the family about 20 years of affectionate and loyal companionship.

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