Toy dogs are primary utilized as companions. Instead of working for the owners, it is not uncommon for toy dogs to enslave their owners. Dog owners usually bring the pet along wherever they go but because of the size, the toy dog will be seen being carried or riding in trendy pet carrier bags. The Russian Toy Terrier, as the name implies belong to the toy dog breed.

The Russian Toy Terrier breed which is also known as Russkiy Toy, Moscow Toy Terriera and Muscovinian Miniature Terrier is one of the toy dog breeds that is well accepted by the dog loving public not only in Russia but in other parts of the world.

The Russian people have always been dog lovers. Owning a purebred dog is a commoner’s ticket to rubbing elbows with the aristocracy. The Russian aristocracy has kept popular breeds of hunting dogs. Royal family ladies are known to keep dogs as well.

During the 17th and 18th centuries owning toy dogs have become a trend. Ladies dogs was a name given to toy breeds because these small dogs are favored by the female members of the aristocracy. During that time aristocratic ladies are commonly photographed with their toy dog pets. One of the popular toy breeds during that time is the Russian Toy Terrier.

The Russian Toy Terrier is indeed a very small breed as it only weighs about 6 pounds and measures 8 to 10 inches at the withers. This miniature dog can be the smallest or can be one of the smallest dog breed. A Russian Toy Terrier has two variants – a smooth coated type and a long coated variant.

The small head and muzzle, the big doe-like eyes and the pricked ears that appear too big for its head as well as the four long thin legs make the smooth haired variant of this breed appear like a small deer.

Both the long haired and the short haired types are very similar in body structure. The only difference is the long beautiful hair on the dog’s ears. This type has ears that appears like the wings of a butterfly because of the long plumes of hair.

Toy dogs are wonderful pets. Anybody would instantly fall in love with these toy dogs as aside from the eye catching appearance, their sweet, loyal and loving nature makes them outstanding companion.

This toy dog is a suitable choice for an apartment dweller or for aging and less active dog owners. The dog would not need extensive exercise as even inside the home they can take care of their exercise requirements on their own. Because of their attractive and novel appearance, they would always attract attention and the owner would naturally be proud of the pet.

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Photo by thisgeekredes

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