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Curing Dog Separation Anxiety”

Up To 35% Of Dogs Suffer From Separation Anxiety… And Your Dog Could Be One Of Them!


Dog separation anxiety is a serious behavioral problem that can cause tremendous stress, not only for your dog, but for you as well! It can occur in dogs of all ages, and sadly, it is one of the main reasons that dog owners give up their beloved pets for adoption, or worse, have their pet euthanized. According to DogPsycologyHelp.com, up to 35% of dogs suffer from separation anxiety. 

  • If you are tired of the constant struggle with your dog whenever you leave your home…
  • If you’re sick of coming home to find that your dog has damaged your house…
  • If you want to put a stop to your dog’s constant barking and whining…

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Curing Dog Separate Anxiety shows you what to do so your dog doesn’t begin separation anxiety before you even leave the house!

If you are like I was in this situation, then you’ve probably tried everything. You love your dog, an adorable pet that has become a trusted member of your family. But there’s a serious problem: every time you leave your dog home alone, it goes into a destructive frenzy that is threatening your relationship with your pet.

You’re At Your Wit’s End
– But Don’t Give Up Yet!

I’m sure you know the symptoms: your dog whines or barks constantly. Your dog tears up furniture, chews through drywall, damages your possessions and goes after almost anything within reach.And it happens when you leave your dog at home – all alone.

Believe it or not, your dog may be suffering a clinical condition called dog separation anxiety. It’s the same separation anxiety that children go through when they leave home to start attending school, or when parents go off to work and leave the child with a baby sitter or at day care.

Ok, How Do I Know My Dog Has Separation Anxiety?

  • Does your dog whine or bark incessantly?
  • Does your dog pace, chew furniture, destroy window coverings, rip up carpeting, eat through drywall, mutilate plants or scratch at windows and doors?
  • Does your dog injure itself through its destructive behavior?
  • Does your dog jump on you and your guests? This often leads to ruined and dirty clothes and can even result in scratched skin.
  • Does your dog get jealous and growl or attack people near you… this can include small children… who love to pet “any” dog?

Dogs with severe separation anxiety may urinate and defecate all over your home. These poor animals can even cause themselves great harm by jumping through plate glass windows to try and escape your house to find you! (This is true! Some dogs have actually died due to untreated separation anxiety).

You didn’t dream of having a dog one day only to find that it’s become a nightmare, did you? Of course not! You wanted a pet – that adorable dog you fell in love with when you first saw them as a puppy. And now you want that dog back.

Well I am here to tell you that you can reclaim your pet. You can finally put an end to the damage and destruction. You can stop the constant whining and barking. And if you know what to do, it can be a simple process that builds a loving relationship with your dog!

“Curing Dog Separation Anxiety” is the culmination of my work. Using this course is like having me in your home, looking over your shoulder and telling you what to do to help your dog become a happy, healthy member of your family.

Tips and tricks include:

  •  What type of exercise to use with your dog
  • When to feed your dog to help calm him
  • What type of sounds to leave on when you leave home
  • What types of toys and distractions to leave for your dog
  • Why an anti-bark citronella collar may help reduce anxiety barking
  • Using aromatherapy and pheromones to calm your dog

“Curing Dog Separation Anxiety” is filled with tips, tricks and secrets that will help that behavior modification process go smoothly, and change your leaving the house from a period of bedlam to a period of calm.

In Curing Dog Separation Anxiety, you’ll gain insight into dog separation anxiety, and learn important information that can help you deal with the problem, including:

  • The main factors that may have contributed to your dog’s separation anxiety
  • Which dogs may be at high risk to suffer from separation anxiety
  • Why a dog’s destructive behavior is NOT an attempt to get “revenge” on their owner for leaving them alone
  • The key symptoms to look for to help diagnose dog separation anxiety
  • Which breeds are more prone to suffer from separation anxiety – something you really must know if you’re looking for a new dog
  • What behaviors to watch for from your dog when you return home

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