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Cane Corso are a great breed of dog, but before purchasing a Cane Corso puppy you should first have a basic understanding of this breed. Cane Corso is a type of mastiff. They are a very muscular dog and also very athletic. You must also be prepared to handle a dog that is very strong. This type of dog is very agile. These dogs are a very large breed that can weigh between 88-110 pounds. This breed is not for a first time dog owner. This breed comes in several different colours such as; Fawn, Red, Blue, Brindle, and Black. Most breeders and owners of Cane Corsos doc their tails and crop their ears.

Cane Corso Temperament

The temperament of a Cane Corso if not socialized properly can result in aggression towards other animals and human. They require a lot of personal interaction between owner and dog. Cane Corso if left alone for to long can become destructive and agitated. Socialization is a must to promote correct temperament (traits you would want to see in your Cane Corso puppy are calm, stable, and protective). They can also be quite dominant so it is a must to form a mutual respect with your dog.

How you know this breed is right for you?If you would like a very powerful dogHas a short coat, easy to care forCan make a good watch dogOnly needs a lot of exerciseVery quiet while indoors (as an adult dog)More energetic than most mastiffsHow to know if a Cane Corso isn’t for youCan become very jumpyCan be destructive if left alone for to longIs a very heavy dog that likes to climb all over you, unless taught not tooVery strong willed and strong mindedLike to slobber and drool all over the placeCan have flatulence problems (farts a lot)Can have legal issues in some areas such as; bans, insurance problems, lawsuitsCan be very rowdyVery big dog, needs a lot of spaceSnorts, grunts, can snore loudCan also show aggression against people and other animals if not socialized properly These Cane Corso tips should help you decide if a Corso is right for you or not. Before buying you should look for a good cane corso breeder and do a lot of research.

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Cane Corso photo

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