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In the excitement of looking for a Pug puppy, you can get swayed by all of the Pug faces and lose all sense of reason. Pugs can be overwhelming in their cuteness and personalities. Even photos of Pugs can make grown adults lose all reason. Before you pick a Pug puppy, please consider this vital Pug information. Never get a Pug from a pet store or from an Internet puppy broker site. Only get a Pug puppy from a breed rescue group or an American Kennel Club licensed breeder.

The most important question to ask a Pug breeder is if you can come and see the mother and father and inspect the kennels (or home, as the case may be.) If the answer is no or off-putting, then you have found a puppy mill, not a Pug breeder who cares about dogs at all. Another important question is if they ship their puppies. The answer should always be no (unless you live ridiculously close by.) Otherwise, you are dealing with a puppy mill.

You should also ask your potential Pug breeder about how long they’ve been breeding Pugs, what their show records are and what they strive to produce in their Pug puppies. If you are contacting a website of a Pug breeder, ask if the Pug puppies are from European bloodlines. Usually the site will say. If there is any mention that all of the puppies are from Europe, run away. You are not dealing with a legitimate Pug breeder, but a puppy broker who serves as a middleman for puppy mills of America and Europe. Never buy a puppy sight unseen.

You should also ask a Pug breeder who their vet is and if they have any references from past customers. This is not rude to ask. Usually, you won’t have time to ask, because you will be inundated with photos and stories about past Pug puppies and their lives now, much like a proud grandparent will shower you with photos of the grandkids.

And a good Pug breeder will shower you with questions, as well. If you meet the Pug breeder through his or her website, then you will be required to fill out a lengthy application about your history with dogs and your knowledge of Pug information. Responsible Pug breeders will prefer to place their pups in homes with past Pug experience, no matter how much money you offer. They will also inspect your home and make a lot of suggestions that they expect you to follow.

Another important question to ask a Pug breeder is what happens later on in your life if suddenly you can no longer keep a dog? Good Pug breeders will have in their contracts a clause that states that you can bring the Pug back anytime during the Pug’s life (provided the breeder is still alive). You won’t get your money back, but you will know your Pug will have a good home. That knowledge is priceless.

Jenny Donaldson has interviewed many dog owners, vets and shelter workers about what make a good Pug breeder. This article was written to help inform the public that not all Pug breeders are good Pug breeders. Reading a lot of Pug information will make you a better pet owner.

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