Many first time puppy owners lack the knowledge to properly train their new puppy. Some dog owners don’t really have the money to pay for expensive training classes. Free puppy training is an alternative for someone that can’t spend a lot of money on training.

If you don’t have the money to spend on training then you are going to have to take on the role of training the puppy. There are sources of information available to help with training a puppy. Training requires processing the information and doing training exercises with the puppy.

There are so many steps in housebreaking a puppy. First, you have to decide what area to start working on with the new puppy. If you want to potty train the puppy then you would look for free puppy training information. Most people have a friend with a dog so this person would have some knowledge on housebreaking a puppy. The local library has books and video on puppy training. There are places available on the internet for puppy training information. Many new puppy owners will visit forums, video sites, or research different sites on training tips for help with training.

A first time puppy owner with limited resources has to be patient in the beginning stages of training. Furthermore, a new puppy owner will have to make sacrifices and take the training into their hands. It’s important to make the puppy feel comfortable and not afraid. If you are going to be away from the home then designate the puppy to a certain area or room.

There will need to be paper put down in this area to help with any accidents by the puppy. The puppy can be trained to go to potty on the paper. This will make cleaning up the accidents easier on the puppy owner. There should be food and water put in the room. In addition, the puppy’s bed and toys should be in the room.

Many new puppy owners will have to rely on learning more from free puppy training than through a paid trainer. If the puppy owner is consistent with the puppy then the puppy will show some improvements. There will be setbacks when training the puppy but remember to be patient with the puppy. There are so many things to learn as a new puppy owner but don’t forget to have fun time with your puppy.

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Originally posted 2016-09-02 08:22:02.