The Blackmouth Cur is a supposed native of the US and has different lines within the breed, each originating from different states of the country. Each of these lines has great abilities that are put to use by people such as hunters, farmers, families and more. The Blackmouth Cur is an all around dog that’s useful in tasks such as treeing, hunting, herding, guarding, and more.

The different lines of the Blackmouth Cur include the Ladner Yellow Blackmouth Cur that originated from Mississippi. This breed was the first blackmouth cur to be registered in a kennel club, the National Kennel Club on April of 1964. This line is particularly good in: treeing squirrel, raccoon and bobcat; hunting hogs and cattle, and search and rescue services.

There is also the Red Blackmouth Cur which, according to records, came originally from Alabama. This dog was used primarily as a guard dog, cattle herder, and hunter. It is said that this line was owned by the courthouses of Howardtown, Alabama in the 1940s.

Another line is the Wetherford Ben Blackmouth Cur which originated from Texas and was used mostly for herding. The Florida Blackmouth Cur is another line that originated from Florida that was used primarily for herding, too. The Blackmouth Cur breed is considered as a multi-purpose dog in the United States and its fame now reaches to countries as far as Haiti, Russia, India and some pats of Europe.

The Blackmouth Cur has been called by different kinds of names such as farmer’s dog, Shepherds Hound, cow dog and Herdsman’s dog; and has been spelled in forms like Cu, Curre and Kurre. Currently, there is no officially recognized Blackmouth Cur breed in the American Kennel Club (AKC). In the United Kennel Club, however, they recognize the Red Blackmouth Cur as the standard for the Blackmouth Cur line.

The Blackmouth Cur is very good at treeing and hunting and has great skills in jumping and climbing. Due to this, it is very important to have a fence as high as six feet or more to confine this energetic dog. The Blackmouth Cur is also very fearless when it comes to confronting other animals; it can face animals as big and strong as a bear or bull.

Around the family, the Blackmouth Cur is nothing but a loving and loyal creature. It is very protective with the people it loves and is very eager in pleasing them. This breed also learns pretty quickly and is not sensitive to harsh comments in training.

The coat of the Blackmouth Cur is short and can be either smooth or coarse. The coat color of the breed can be red, black, white, yellow, buckskin or fawn, or brindle. The feet of the Blackmouth Cur are similar to the Catahoula Leopard’s as they are also big and webbed.

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