The Cesky Terrier was founded by Frantisek Horak in the Czech Republic. The Cesky Terrier is also known as the Bohemian or Czech Terrier. This is a fairly new dog breed seeing that it was only developed in the last century. Many breeders felt that the Cesky Terrier changed too much from the way Horak bred them originally, and in 1980 they again crossed them in with Sealyham Terriers. These dogs were intended to hunt pests in their dens, and therefore Horak tried to create a dog with a slim head and chest and a softer coat than the other terriers at that stage. Cesky Terriers are outstanding hunting and tracking dogs, and they have also proved to be good watch dogs.



Cesky Terriers are happy and sweet dogs, and they get along well with children. These dogs are not aggressive, and they are without fear. The Cesky Terrier is a very obedient, devoted and patient dog. They are different from other terriers in the sense that they get along well with other dogs. The Cesky will get along well with people they do not know, but they do have a tendency to be obstinate and very energetic. These dogs tend to be reserved, and it is therefore very important to socialise them well with other people when still a puppy. This is a breed that has good manners, and they are always keen on pleasing their owners. They are very fond of human attention, and will be ideal as an indoor dog.


The coat of the Cesky Terrier should be trimmed fairly often. It is advised that they facial hair of these dogs are left long so that they display the appropriate eyebrow, moustache and beard. The hair around the belly and legs should also be trimmed. A pet Cesky Terrier will require grooming four times during the course of their hair, but a show dog should be groomed more frequently. The Cesky terrier is a very low shedding dog, and almost sheds no hair.


Cesky Terriers are highly trainable, seeing that they are so responsive, sensitive and intelligent. They will however to best with positive training methods as they have very soft personalities. It is recommended to start training these dogs when they are still puppies, as this will provide the best opportunity to build up trust and a good relationship with these dogs. The Cesky is fairly obedient and they have a very loving nature. It is important that the training regime for these dogs is positive and stable. These dogs need a consistent and positive training regime.

Health problems

Cesky Terriers are healthy and tough dogs, and they are not likely to suffer from any of the major diseases. At times these dogs have suffered from Scottie Cramp, which is a minor problem that typically causes their actions to be uncomfortable. This disease is not painful or life threatening. It is still important to take these dogs for regular veterinary check-ups and make sure they get their regular vaccinations as needed.


  • Clever, Adventurous, Family-Oriented
  • AKC Breed Popularity: Ranks 185 of 191
  • Height: 10-13 inches
  • Weight: 14-24 pounds
  • Life Expectancy: 12-15 years
  • Group: Terrier Group 

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