Rough collie

Collie Dog Breed Information

The AKC classifies the Collie among the Herding Group. Collies are graceful and also have plenty of endurance. They weigh between 55 to 80 pounds and stand from 22 to 26 inches tall. Whether brownish or blue in the shade, their almond-shaped eyes show intelligence. The prick ears of the Collie provide it the appearance of always being alert. They could be smooth or harsh coated. The harsh coat of a Collie is fuller and also longer compared to a smooth-coated Collie. The Collie can be found in white, sable, tricolor, or blue merle colors.

Collies tend to overindulge and pack away a lot of food. It is advised that they be given three small dishes every day. If he develops a bulging center, talk to your veterinarian concerning possible pet foods that advertise fat burning.


Collies do not need considerable pet grooming, but you should clean their coats several times a week to avoid matting. Focus on the hair around his face, around his legs, and also behind the ears.

Collies can be eager herdsmans while remaining sensible, versatile family members, whether as pets on a cattle ranch or farm or assisting a suburban proprietor that keeps a couple of lambs, goat ducks as a pastime. Engagement in herding assists protect the unique heritage of the Collie and also opens up brand-new possibilities for the proprietor and also a pet.

Collies are extremely sensitive. If there are times that they do something wrong, they ought to never be shown any unfortunate habits by their masters. Rather, proprietors ought to show them what ought to have been done, and also, they will have the ability to comprehend. The Collies are generally sociable and also love being around people and other pets. They ought to never be left alone for prolonged time periods.

Collies are generally moderate-sized pet dogs of concerning 55 to 80 lbs and also light to tool-boned. Cattle rounding up types are much more stocky. The hair might need standard or long, and also, the tail might be smooth, feathery, or bushy. Collies could have both naturally long or naturally bobbed tails. Some types of clubs traditionally dock the tail.

The tail could be lugged reduced by applying an upward swirl or spin or high over the back. The tail never crinkles at the base or touches the back. Each type could differ in coloration by applying the normal base colors: black, black, tan, red, red, tan, or sable.

They often have white along with the main shade, typically under the belly and also chest, over the shoulders, and also on components of the face and also legs, but occasionally leaving only the head colored– or white might be missing or limited to the chest and also toes (as in the Australian Kelpie). Merle pigmentation might also exist over any of the various other shade combinations. One of the most common designs includes sable, black and white, and tricolor (black and also tan and white), also referred to as black sable.

Rough collies should show no nervousness or aggressiveness and are generally good by applying kids and various other pets. Nonetheless, they have to be well hung out to stop shyness. They are moderate to big-sized pet dogs but could be well matched to live in small apartments due to their calm disposition. Like several rounding up pet dogs, collies could be fairly vocal, and also, some are difficult to educate not to bark.

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