It is a wonderful feeling when you adopt a pet. Millions of pets in rescue centers and shelters long for a home. By adopting one such dog, you are not only taking care of a life but also setting an example for others to follow. However, dog adoption isn’t something everyone can do and if you second thoughts about it, don’t take it lightly. You will have to make major lifestyle adjustments once you adopt a dog. But if you think it is something you can deal with then it is great news. Keep in mind that bringing in an adopted dog should be a rewarding experience for not just you but your family too. So before you speed off to any shelter, arm yourself with the knowledge and dog adoption guide. Here are some points that will guide you on dog adoption.


Chances are, if you have thought dog adoption, you may already have a certain breed in your mind. It is also possible to adopt purebred dogs from rescues and shelters, given you plan ahead. But if you still haven’t zeroed down on a particular breed, it would be better if you still have an idea of the kind of breed you want. Consider factors like size, age, grooming needs, activity level and health issues before settling for any breed.

Where to Adopt?

Conventionally, you can adopt dogs from a rescue group, animal shelter or a breed-specific rescue group. The internet is a great place to search for dogs in your local area but make sure you are visiting reliable sites. You can also visit official websites of these rescue shelters and go through the list of available dogs. But before you visit, do a thorough research on the available rescue shelters. The organization should be a well reputed one and even better if it is non-profit.

Choosing The One

You just know when you find the right dog, some people believe that! But it’s pretty rare and maybe you could fall in love with two dogs and then forced to make a decision. But relax, take your time. You are not just choosing an accessory; you are taking along someone you will be spending your next 12-15 years together. If you want to make a right decision then sleep on it. Go back the next day and decide. It is a serious decision and don’t let it depend on uncertainty.

The Adoption Process

Now that you have found a dog, it is time to complete the formalities. This is an important part of the adoption process and many organizations will require you to fill out a form. This is to prevent pets falling prey to wrong hands. Fortunately, most people don’t face much problem in getting approved. Find out the adoption fee and what all it includes.

Coming Home

Congratulations! You have a new companion. Now use the kit provided to you at the time for adoption which provides advice about taking care of your new adopted friend.

Originally posted 2016-09-05 08:22:12.