Stop Your Puppy’s Biting

Stopping Puppy Biting
Stopping Puppy Biting

Most of us are quite entertained by puppies. They are playful, silly and bring a smile to the face of those who watch them. They are also inquisitive, innocent, and sometimes trouble-making.  But puppies have many bad habits that we must break.

Most of us spend a good deal of time making sure that our puppies are housebroken and well-mannered. We spend good money and time on making sure that these two particular issues are
considered and taken care of.

Many of us forget one other important consideration, biting. Puppies are fond of biting for many reasons, and when they are small, we often inadvertently encourage the biting because it is harmless and cute.

But if your puppy bites, you can create many other problems for him later in his life. It is best to deal with a puppy’s biting before it is too late.

Here is what we will discuss in this guide:

  • Chapter 1. Introduction.
  • Chapter 2. The puppy personality. We will spend just a bit of time looking at the general characteristics of that cute puppy. Understanding a bit about what makes him tick will help you as the two of you work through his biting problem.
  • Chapter 3. Why puppies bite. Dogs are oral creatures, but that is not the only reason why puppies are inspired to sometimes gnaw on you, on your furniture, on your shoes, and other items.
  • Chapter 4. How to encourage biting. That is right, we said, “encourage.” There are many things you might do that
    encourage your dog’s oral tendencies. It would be best to understand what these are because you will not fully understand how to stop the biting until you can understand them.
  • Chapter 5. Techniques to stop puppy biting. This chapter will look at some specific techniques you can use that will condition your dog out of the biting behavior.
  • Chapter 6. Problems. This chapter will give you some tips for handling your dog if he is still biting despite your best efforts.
  • Chapter 7. Resources. Are you Interested in additional reading? Read this chapter to find links to websites that can help you and books that might also offer additional support.