Entelbucher Sennenhund dates back to the Roman times, and is an ancient dog breed. The Entelbucher Sennenhund is the smallest of the four Swiss Mountain Dogs. This breed is used by Alpine herdsmen to constrain cattle. The Entlebucher Sennenhound was alos used as companion and guard dogs. This working breed is very rare in both the United States and Europe.


The Entlebucher Sennenhund is a very lively and impulsive breed. These dogs are very calm and collected dogs that are very brave. These dogs will not simply fall for bribes, and as a result make outstanding watchdogs. The Entlebucher is a very energetic dog that is at the same time intelligent and always eager to learn new things. This breed is very friendly and is very fond of people. Especially family and friends they are acquainted with. You will find that this breed is very observant and always tries to please their owners and families. At first these dogs were used to constrain cattle, but currently they are used more as companion dogs. These dogs are not ideal for those living in apartments, or for owners that are inactive as these dogs love to exercise. The Entlebucher Sennenhound will take pleasure in family activities such as jogging, walking and playing with the frisbee. These dogs will do best when fenced in or when they have a job to do.


The Entlebucher Sennenhound does not like the warmer climates, and will do better in colder climates. It is recommended that these dogs are brushed occasionally with a firm hair brush so that all dead and loose hairs can be removed. The Entlebucher Sennenhound should only be bathed when it is really needed. It is vital for owners to not feed this breed too much. Their nails should also be clipped on a regular basis, and dental hygiene for this breed is also very important.


The Entlebucher Sennenhound is obstinate, strong-minded and will require a consistent training routine by an accomplished trainer. It is imperative that these dogs receive early socialization and obedience training. The Entlebucher Sennenhound is very bright and always keen to please their owners and families. It is important that the training regimes for these dogs are firmness and fair.

Health problems

The Entlebucher Sennenhound is fairly healthy, but as with some of the other breeds they are also likely to have problems with PRA, cataracts, and hip dysplasia.

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