The Chihuahua’s recent history can easily be traced back to mid 1800’s Mexico; however the Chi Chi appears to have far deeper roots. The Chihuahua may have originated as early as the 9th century, developing from a toy breed that was revered by the Toltec Indians of Central America during that time. They called the dog “Techichi”. Still other major pre-Columbian civilizations, the Maya and the Aztec, also show a close association with a small sandy-colored dog. It’s fairly certain that these dogs mingled to various degrees with a small hairless dog native to Mexico and possessing a name straight out of Star Wars . . . Xoloitzcuintli, thus becoming the forerunners to the Chihuahua we know today.

Ever wonder why actor Mickey Rourke or heiress/model Paris Hilton is rarely seen without a beloved Chihuahua in tow? There’s an amazing amount of charm packed into these tiny packages for the quintessential lap dog has an insatiable need for love and affection. When one considers that this consummate companion can fit neatly into pocket or purse, well it’s just too tempting not to carry it around everywhere.

The world’s smallest breed, the Chihuahua comes in two coats: smooth and short, or long and flat or slightly curly. The long and curly version features a ruffled neck and a plumed tail. Otherwise the dogs are identical and can occur within the same litter. All coat colors and combinations can be seen. The most common being red, fawn, and black and tan. The apple-domed head, coupled with the large bat-like ears are this breed’s most recognized features. Males and Females are both about 6-9 inches and 2-6 lbs.

The Chihuahua a lively, alert little pooch. It is intelligent, and intensely loyal, growing very attached to its owner, even to the point of jealousy.

They are notorious burrowers and love nothing better than to snuggle under pillows, cushions, and best of all, bed covers. It responds well to training particularly if begun early, although it can be difficult to house train this little dog.

When frightened these little fellows may bite or snap but they are in no way an ill tempered dog. Chihuahua’s seem to have acquired the stigma of being “yappy” dogs but in truth most bark simply to announce the arrival of a visitor or when greeting other dogs.

The Chi Chi may be unsuitable for families with Children. They can easily get injured if dropped or sat on. They have a huge self esteem, and will benefit from early training.

Obviously no dog is “maintenance-free” but the Chihuahua comes remarkably close, particularly the short coated variety. The short coat requires only occasional gentle brushing, while the long coat should be brushed daily using a soft bristle brush. Bathe both types about once a month. Check the bat type ears regularly and keep the nails trimmed.

It is quite tempting to carry these little dogs around but the Chihuahua is satisfied with, and will benefit from, a short daily walk. Its diminutive stature makes the Chihuahua ideal for apartment living. They are definitely not considered “outdoor” pets. While they may enjoy a romp in the yard they are more than happy to return to the comfort of the couch or better yet, the bed.

The popularity of this breed has soared over the past decade most likely due in large part to Taco Bell which features a Chihuahua as its media mascot hungering for the well known Mexican fast food.

Its need to love and be loved is a never-ending crusade. Indeed these dogs like nothing better than to be with, or more accurately on, their owners. They make great companions, perhaps being ideally suited to older adults who are often home and have lots of time to lavish them with the attention they crave.

If you’re looking for a big mean dog to patrol the yard or take on 5 mile run then the Chihuahua is not the dog for you. However, any true animal person around one of these little darlings long enough is bound to get hooked on a Chihuahua. Once these little lovers have hold of your heartstrings they will never let go.

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