There are specific issues that you need to consider if you want to fulfill an effective border collie training program. While not all people flourish in training their dogs, border collies are certainly not that difficult to handle because they’re highly-intelligent and are keen on learning as well as pleasing their masters. All you have to do is be furnished of the finest border collie training tips and advice.

Hence, are you still trying to figure out what to do so you can make border collie training fun, safe and effective? Well, here are five sensible tips to take into consideration:

1. Socialization is a must.

Border collies have a fascinating personality. They’re pleasant to be with and they always love the company of their “family;” however, they could also display lack of control, dominance and other troublesome behavior problems if they haven’t been socialized well. That’s why you need to correctly introduce your border collie to your whole family as well as to your other pets, neighbors and friends. This way, you can help your collie grow more reliable, outgoing and safe to be with. Besides, a well-socialized border collie is a lot easier to train and deal with. It even keeps your relationship with your dog stronger.

2. Crate training is highly-recommened.

In fact, crate training your border collie can help you generate a great deal of exceptional results. Potty training or housebreaking is less arduous if your border collie has been appropriately crate-trained. As you can see, your dog isn’t likely to pee or dump in his own safe den. He will always look for a spot to do his business. So before he does something undesirable to your carpets and cherished lawn or garden, make it a point that you train your collie proper toilet habits through crate training methods. Moreover, crate training prevents separation anxiety and other behavioral issues that improper means of confinement can trigger.


3. Be a responsible and prudent pack leader.

Leadership is among the necessary keys to effective border collie training. Without leadership, your dog may tend to challenge your authority or repeatedly disobey your commands. Thus, you must clearly spell out restrictions. Your border collie has to know his limits and boundaries. You need to set some restrictions as a way to keep him under your control. Of course, you need to do this properly or you might end up aggravating your dog.

4. Practice caught-in-the-act.

Tackle unpleasant behaviors the instant you can catch your dog doing it. Rectify bad habits instantaneously and not an hour later. Otherwise, you will only befuddle your pet or teach him to be sneaky. And instead of hitting or scolding your border collie, penalize him in such a way that would make him understand what he has done so he will refrain from doing it in the future. But of course, prevention is always better than the cure. Focus on building up positive traits and enhancing your dogs latent abilities through proper border collie training.

5. Always be patient and consistent.

Patience and consistency must work hand in hand if you want to make border collie training productive and effective. An impatient and undisciplined master has lesser chances of successfully training his dog. Thus, always try to lengthen your patience so that you can always remain consistent when doing various border collie training activities.

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