Havanese puppies are sweet and lovable. However they do require a lot of time and training so potential owners should make sure they are able to provide for a pup before taking the plunge. In the end, the time and effort it takes  is worth it. Completely caring for a puppy requires a flexible schedule, something that many busy families don’t have.

Havanese puppy care, which include grooming, training, and exercising, might seem overwhelming at first. However, the end result makes up for all work involved. Though these puppies make great family pets, it is important to consider whether or not they are conducive with a busy family lifestyle. These puppies require time and devotion from a loving family, and they have the potential to enrich the lives of the family members as well.

Havanese puppies make a great addition to any family. Perhaps one of the most popular aspects of these toy dogs is their size. They have acquired a large fan base among families with young children. Also,  pups get along extremely well with other animals, making them a great choice for families who already have dogs or cats.

Havanese puppies are sweet and lovable dogs. Though they are intelligent and eager to satisfy, the care of  puppies can be somewhat difficult. There are many elements of raising a  puppy, and they all require time and patience on behalf of the owner. Before adopting a puppy, make sure that you are willing to devote the time needed to take care of it. If you have the means to provide and care for a  puppy, and you are willing to put time into training, your reward will be a constant companion who you can truly call your best friend.

Despite their loving and sweet personalities, many people shy away from adopting Havanese puppies. This is because  puppies tend to require a lot of training. Compared to many other dogs, they are somewhat difficult to housebreak. Because these small dogs have relatively small bladders, potty training them is one of the first trials a new puppy owner will face. Yet, with patience, this is a simple milestone to overcome. Another problem that a puppy owners run into is grooming. Because these pups do not shed, part of a puppy care includes an occasional haircut.

Finally, exercise is another aspect of raising a  puppy that some might consider an inconvenience. The energetic and playful personalities of these dogs require a daily walk, unless they have a fenced in backyard to play around in all day. With the proper care and training, a  puppy will grow up to be obedient and affectionate.

For families looking to adopt a Havanese puppy, their first step should be to consider what would be required of them as pet owners. Havanese pups can be high-maintenance, and their care is no easy task. Raising  puppies requires both time and effort on the owner’s part–and many busy moms and dads don’t have the time to give. Additionally, it is important to make sure that you can provide for your pet–so there is a monetary commitment as well.

After assessing the commitment you will need to make in order to own a Havanese puppy, potential owners should next look at their own life styles. Is it possible to incorporate a new puppy into your life? For many blossoming families, the answer is “no.” Those who determine that they can love and raise a  puppy are in for a rewarding experience. These sweet, affectionate pets will love you right back!

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  • AKC Breed Popularity: Ranks 24 of 191
  • Height: 8.5-11.5 inches
  • Weight: 7-13 pounds
  • Life Expectancy: 14-16 years
  • Group: Toy Group

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