The Hokkaido is a breed of dog. Other names for the breed include Ainu-ken, Seta, Ainu dog. The Hokkaido is native to the prefecture of the same name in Japan.



The breed is medium in size, with small, triangular, upright ears. The small eyes have a rising triangular outline. The Hokkaido has a coat of long, stiff fur, and a second, shorter coat of soft fur. Colors include red, white, black, brindle, sesame, black and tan, and wolf-gray. Males are typically 50 cm (20 in) tall at the withers, females slightly shorter, with body masses in the 20 kg (44 lb) range. Dogs bred on continents outside of their native Japan may be smaller. Source: Wikipedia

The Hokkaido has been listed in the Foundation Stock Service since Jan 2016.