Popularly known as Frenchies, the French Bulldog genetically originated from the small bulldog breeds of England. Connoisseurs believe that during the Industrial revolution British workers of Nottingham introduced their bulldogs to the French people. Since then, the miniature bulldogs in France are common, and the breed is on the verge of extinction in England.

After the tryst with small bulldogs, French crossed this rare England breed with Terrier Boule, to convert them into the real French Bulldogs. And after the reproduction, the new breed gave its first universal appearance at the Westminster Kennel Club show, held in New York. People admired the new breed a lot and kids fell in love with them. That is why the French bulldog puppies are deemed as the great companions of kids.

Likewise human beings, every dog retain its special and unusual characteristics, which must be considered before you buy it. These bulldog puppies are adored for their lively, chirpy and amicable attitude. Adjustable in nature, they are comfortable in closed apartments as well as in open farmhouses. They are active, alert, conscious and ball chasing is a sport which they love to play. Walking in pleasant weather and hanging around is their favorite pass time activity.

Moreover, some male  puppies are good natured, sensitive and hostile to other dogs as well. In contrast, most of the French bulldog puppies are peaceful, silent and friendly to human beings and other animals. These dogs love challenges and being good learners, they can even undergo a proper training as well.

At times, pet lovers find it hard to search for French bulldog puppies, but factually, purchasing a French bulldog isn’t a complicated task. Usually, pet sellers keep French bulldog puppies and French Bulldogs in their stock and if you’re fortunate, then you might come across someone who has kept his/her  bulldogs for sale.

Universally, French Bulldogs have received matchless appreciation, but still different people have different choices.

  • If you don’t like snorting, snuffling and snoring pets, then don’t go for the French bulldogs.
  • If you’re a busy individual and don’t prefer running after pets, then get a French bulldog today.
  • Those who need security, reliability and powerful dogs, French bulldog puppies are meant for those pet lovers.
  • In case you’ve swimming pool at home then you ought to be cautious regarding your French Bulldog safety as they can’t swim

French bulldog puppies can win your heart at the first glance, though; you need to take the level of compatibility into regard, before you buy one.

  • Adaptable, Playful, Smart
  • AKC Breed Popularity: Ranks 4 of 193
  • Height: 11-13 inches
  • Weight: under 28 pounds
  • Life Expectancy: 10-12 years
  • Group: Non-Sporting Group

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