Dog Training is a primary responsibility of every dog owner. It will help to shape the dog’s behavior for its own good. Before putting your dog through a training course, a good start would be to point out what your dog needs in terms of behavioral development. This will immediately address your dog’s present need. Many dog owners fall into the trap of believing that dogs have thoughts and they can formulate ideas. To the contrary, dogs are not thinkers. Their actions are mere responses to your stimuli, and it simply behaves like a social animal that needs to be accepted as a member of the pack.

To start with, it is not a wise move to scold or yell at your dog when you want to change  its undesirable behavior. The best way to correct bad behavior in dogs is to concentrate on practical ways to change its responses.

Core Dog Training Tips

There are many ways to train a dog. But the most practical way is to apply the training that your dog needs based on its present behavior patterns. You may also follow it up with other trainings that will teach your dog other skills.

Crate Training – this training uses a crate that the dog will later call its “home.” The dog is trained to adopt the crate as a place where it can find rest and sense of security. The dog should not be made to sense that the crate is a means of punishment to him. Spending some time with your dog while it is in the crate will boost its sense of security and ease its anxiety. The crate training is also a good tool in housebreaking a dog.

Leash Training – teaching a dog to calm down to a point of giving you full control will reduce leash issues in dogs. Being in a controlled state, your dog will follow your order and not get too agitated. Instead of allowing your dog to run around and pull, make him sit and wait by your side before resuming your walk. It won’t take long for your dog to associate your pulling with the stop of their walk.

The Alpha Position – you are your dog’s master. You’ve got to be in complete control and authority over it, and you have to demonstrate that dominance so that your dog will follow you. Teach the dog new ways to respond to you based on this order. You should remember that it is your duty to teach your dog; it is not your dog’s obligation to learn.

Obedience Training – it is a class that teaches not only the dogs but their masters as well. This training emphasizes the importance of the owner’s alpha leadership position and to impose his authority over the dog. This will teach the dog who is in control. Obedience training is necessary for dogs with submission issues.

The Importance of Consistency

All dog training guides emphasize consistency as a way to maintain a dog’s learned skill. Dogs are smart in countless ways, but the skills they learn are mere responses to repeated stimuli. You should be consistent in repeating what you have trained your dog to perform otherwise they will stop obeying your commands. Good dog training is a challenging job, but it is a fulfilling one.

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