The Old English Sheepdog is an England original, large breed of herding dog. It is known to have long, dense and fluffy kind of coat that wraps its body all over. This dog is an excellent herder but today it is mostly revered as an outstanding advertisement and movie personality.

If you have seen the Dulux paint commercials then you have seen the Old English Sheepdog because for years, this product has been employing the Old English Sheepdog as its star. Because of the Old English Sheepdog’s affinity to Dulux paint, people fondly called him the Dulux dog. Moreover, not only in advertisements the Old English Sheepdog appears but in movies and shows as well such as 101 Dalmatians and the Simpsons.

This dog possesses a very long, low set and fluffy coat that covers not only its entire body but covers the eyes as well until it appears invisible on the face. It is also double-coated and its inner coat serves as a protection against water and weather. For those OES that join dog shows, their coats must be left to grow as long as possible but for those non-competing OES, the coat can be trimmed or cut close to the body.

Generally, the coat colors of the OES are grey, blue, blue merle, and grizzle with some white markings all over. There are some OES puppies, however, that are born with black and white coats but these shed along the way to give way to a silver or grey coat color. The usual weight for this breed is 101 pounds and the height is 24 inches.

Bobtail is one of the funny nicknames for this dog as it is common for the breed to have their tails docked and this has been the tradition for many decades. There are countries, however, that ban tail docking but good thing is, some OES are born with docked tails naturally. Tail docking for the OES has been the standard but there are some countries that restrict this practice.

The Kennel Club, based in the UK, states that the OES that joins a show may appear docked or not. The American Kennel Club dictates on the other hand that the Old English Sheepdog tail should be docked as close to the body. For the Australian Kennel Council, they state that the OES tail is “preferably docked”.

There are some health concerns that face the OES and these include cataracts, glaucoma, deafness, hip dysplasia, allergies and diabetes. Also, cancer is one major disease that causes the death of majority of the OES breed. Heatstroke may likely strike the Old English Sheepdog as well as this is common for all fully coated dog breeds.

The beautiful puffy coat of the OES requires thorough brushing for three hours, once every week. This luscious coat of the OES, without proper care may trap dirt, urine, feces, dust and more. Grooming this dog can be tedious work that’s why it is best to get it accustomed to brushing at a very young age.