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What is a Goldendoodle?

Goldendoodle and other hybrids are very hardy dogs providing they are not inbred, line bred, or back bred. Those who breed multi-generation hybrids of any sort cause their hybrids to have the same kinds of problems purebred dogs share. Hybrids tend to be much harder dogs when they do NOT share common lineage or ancestry. Where allergies and shedding are concerned, the fact is hybrids, and all live animals DO shed. Humans shed. Every living thing sheds.

However, Poodle hybrids shed less than any other hybrid or a purebred dog. It is easy to find websites over the internet claiming “hypo-allergenic,” “non-shedding” doodles, but it is not true. It doesn’t matter if the breeder has a smidgen of Golden Retriever with mostly Poodle in the doodle, the puppy will shed and will continue to shed as an adult.

All hybrids shed only shed a little, but they shed all some. We have had customers write to us claiming their doodles do not shed…but I believe they don’t see the shedding because it is so light. This works out great for those with allergies or who do not want a dog’s hair all over their home, clothing, or vehicle. There isn’t a breeder on this planet who can provide a 100% allergy FREE dog. Not happening, people.

Most allergy sufferers do well with a Poodle hybrid, but we can not guarantee it. Allergy sufferers “suffer” differently, and there may be some people who can not own a dog of any type. However, we find that most people who have mild allergies do quite well with a Poodle hybrid.

In Goldendoodles, many websites claim that sizes will vary according to the sizes of the parents. This is a complete fallacy. Since 1999, we have witnessed a variety of sizes in any given litter regardless of the parents’ sizes.

Our experience over the years has taught us this: The less a puppy weighs at 8 weeks of age, the smaller the puppy will be as an adult and vice versa. Those who consider their Goldendoodles to be a Miniature size dog when their doodle weighs over 25 pounds need to do more research and study.

I personally do not consider a 30-50 pound dog to be a “Miniature” sized anything. I do consider this size dog to be a “mid-size” dog, but not a Miniature. When you consider a Miniature sized dog, you should consider the size of a Miniature Schnauzer, Miniature Poodle, etc.

Since 1999, we have witnessed both parents weighing 48-65 pounds produce 26-pound puppies.  Not all puppies in the litter will be small. One or two will be small. One or two will be medium, and one or two will be large. In 2004, we produced a doodle that weighed 32 pounds at the age of 9 months. We may have produced small doodles before this, but it is impossible to know for sure without customer feedback.

This 32-pound doodle at the age of 9 months most likely turned out to be 40-45 pounds (genetically) at 1 year. In early 2005, we produced 2 litters of small doodles. By June 2005, some weighed 16 lbs. by age 5 months, and by November of 2005, some were weighing 25 to 26 pounds. In 2005, we bred one of our Golden Retriever dams with one of our Toy Poodle sires, who produced 9-18 lbs. Goldendoodles. But again, we saw the usual occur even in this kind of pairing.

The largest male born last was stillborn, so we’ll never know what his size could have been. The order in which a puppy is born has nothing to do with the determination of its size. We know this to be a fact. The Goldendoodle is the first hybrid crossing between a Golden Retriever and a Standard Poodle.

This hybrid was first created in Australia. The Goldendoodle hybrid has only been in the United States since 1997. The entire reason for this creation was to provide those who have physically challenged a service dog that had extremely low shedding.

Such a canine was needed for those who needed an assistant dog but had allergies that prevented them from owning one. Although there is some debate about whether the Labradoodle or the Goldendoodle was created first, it really doesn’t matter.

With some extensive searching over the internet, you can find nice websites based in Australia regarding both hybrids. Naysayers can be enraged and fuss all they want about hybrids. The fact is, the Goldendoodle, the Labradoodle, and other Poodle hybrids are here to stay!

As of Aug. 2006, some are writing books with regards to the Goldendoodle. Remember you read the facts here first! We are actually one of the original Goldendoodle creators in the United States. Many argue that hybrids are “NOTHING BUT MUTTS” who fill up animal shelters annually. The facts are, EVERY PUREBRED DOG OF TODAY started as a MIXED BREED DOG, and there are just as many purebred dogs in shelters as there are mixed or hybrid dogs.

Other than the Maltese, every dog in existence began as a mixed breed dog with plenty of inbreeding, back-breeding, and line-breeding. After many years of refinement by breeders, over time, kennel clubs were formed by groups of people who favored a selected breed of dog.

They advertised and sold the particular breed to the point that eventually caught the attention of the American Kennel Club. The American Kennel Club is all about money and is NOT the first Kennel Club ever began. They are more highly recognized because they have millions of dollars to advertise themselves. Every show that is placed on television and every show breeder who wins has been paid for by YOU, the dog owner who just had to have an AKC registered dog because you bought into the notion that AKC produces quality dogs. NOT SO! They don’t produce anything. The breeders produce the dogs.

Dee Gerrish has been a private, professional breeder since 1996. She founded Goldendoodle World in 1999 and has written about Goldendoodles extensively. Her Goldendoodle World website is very educational, extensive and shows a comprehensive look at the Goldendoodle hybrid. Dee Gerrish is the first breeder to register the Goldendoodle hybrid with a kennel club in the United States. Dee is also one of the founders of the Goldendoodle dog in the southern region of the United States.  Article from articlesbase.com

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