Small kid with dog

What Young People Need to Understand About Your New Dog

You did your research and discovered the perfect pet for your family. He is now coming home and training commences. But did you train your spouse and children? Does your family understand the way to function with the pet? In numerous cases where a puppy is not learning quickly, it’s not because the puppy is dumb but simply because he is receiving mixed information.

It is crucial that all members in your home learn how to deal with a new dog. This is especially true if there are small children in the home.

Before the dog gets home make certain that your children are well aware of the best way to properly approach and handle the dog. You should make certain that the puppy and youngsters will be safe. They have to learn how they can play together without either one of them getting an injury.

Demonstrate to your kids the way to pick up a puppy appropriately and just how to pet him lightly. You can use a stuffed dog to help. Explain to the youngsters, that tail pulling and ear pulling hurt the dog and he can get mad and upset.

Kids have to know when they can spend playtime with the dog. Puppies are babies, they need plenty of rest. Young puppies really need a space that is their own slumbering area. Children need to learn where this spot is and to leave the doggy alone when he’s in his bed or is resting. They should also understand and respect the spot where a dog eats.

Take the time to show your children the proper commands to use with the dog. This is vital. Many families don’t bother to make sure that the children know how to properly interact with the dog. If you would like both the puppy and the children to learn it is necessary that they learn how to communicate to each other. This will not only help the canine to learn faster but can eliminate misunderstandings.

It is much better to make an effort to show your kids the best way to do these things before the puppy gets home instead of waiting until the puppy is actually home and try to do a learn while you go approach. This isn’t very efficient because the young people and the dog will be too excited to listen or learn.

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